Good Day for Trades

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The first day of free agency is almost over, but the trades aren't. There were many trades today, as I expected, but most of them surprised me. I want to go over the ones I find beneficial to the teams, the ones that are random, and then the ones I laughed at.


Chicago signed a great player and lost a great player in the same day. The Hawks inked Hossa to a 12 year deal, good move but too long of a contract for my liking. Hossa is a game changing player who will help bring this team to a whole new level. (Also from Detroit, Chicago got left wing Tomas Kopecky.) At the same time, they lost goaltender, Nikolai Khabibulin to Edmonton. Khabibulin played in 42 games last season and in past seasons has played as many as 72 games. This is good for the Oilers though, because just today their goalie got signed, by the Islanders.

The New York Islanders for once, made a very smart decision. They already have a great goalie in Rick DiPietro. That is, when he's actually healthy. The Isles signed Dwayne Roloson, who played in 63 games this season. He has plenty of experience in the NHL at the age of 39 and have played for four different NHL teams.

Another great pick up was Scott Clemmensen by Florida. Again, this is another situation where a team got a great player but also lost one. Florida lost net minder Craig Anderson to Colorado. Anderson had a great season for the Panters in 2008-2009, recording three shutouts in 31 games played. Both great goalies got snatched up by these two teams.

Marian Gaborik was reported to have gone to the Rangers which would be a great player for them to get after losing Scotty Gomez to the Habs. Gaborik is a 30-40 goal scorer which is exactly what the Rangers need. In the Gomez trade, New York acquired Chris Higgins, another player that makes a difference. Last season he was brought down by constant injury, but in past seasons he has had 6+ 20 goal seasons. If healthy this year, he could probably produce 30 goals for the Rangers. As for the Canadiens getting Gomez, it's a great deal for Bob Gainey. With the Habs having 10 free agents, they're obviously going to have a lot of new faces. Gomez has had one 30 goal season, but the other season when he hasn't, he's made up for it with points. He will help the Habs get back on track for their 101st season.

The Capitals signed a player that I feel will fit in perfectly with their team and system. Mike Knuble is now a Cap! It's good for both of them. Knuble is a hard working player who I've seen first hand score those clutch goals.


Bruins General Mangers, Peter Chiarelli was quiet basically all day. As a Bruins fan myself, I was wondering what was up. I'm already mad because I have a feeling Kessel won't be a Bruin next year so when I heard they had signed former Canadien, Steve Begin, I was dumbfounded. My first thought: Whaaaat?! This is so random. Yes, he's got grit and is a physical player but why do the B's need him? They don't. The team has their chemistry, speed, scoring, defense, and goaltending all intact and I feel as though Begin coming to Boston isn't needed. Let's hope he proves me wrong, and makes up to Marc Savard by fighting anyone who comes within five feet of him.

Who watched last year's playoffs? I don't think the Rangers did even though they were in it. Do they not remember what Donny Brashear did to their very own, Blair Betts? Well now Brashear is a Ranger and typing that it felt really weird. Random.

Good luck Buffalo and fans. You guys are the lucky ones to win Steve Montador! Since I'm a Bruins fan, I am relieved to see him go and glad someone was dumb enough to take him. Maybe he'll fit into their system but he definitely didn't work with the B's. I felt safer when he got a penalty even though it up the Bruins short handed, because from the box at least he couldn't turn over the puck. Still a random trade I didn't see coming.


Whatever Montreal's GM, Bob Gainey, is on...I want some! Who voluntarily signs Hal Gill? Do you want to lose games? Right there is your ticket OUT of the playoffs. I'll give him credit of having size and strength, but he doesn't use it so there's no point. This trade made me smile just a little because Habs' fails are funny.

Also putting a smile on my face was the fact that Milan Lucic's punching bag, Mike Komisarek, is now on the Toronto Maple Leafs. That sucks for him, seeing as how Toronto doesn't seem to be playoff bound anytime soon. At least Komi is still on a team I hate, therefore making it easier to hate him.

I'm sure more trades are coming, but for now these are the ones that made headlines in my mind. The Habs seemed to have acquired the most amount of players, but this is probably due to the fact they have the most free agents. Thanks again for the laughs Bob.


Pezell said...

Thank you Bob Gainey for signing Hal Gill.

If I could, I would shake Gainey's hand every time I met him.

Hal Gill, a hahahaha

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